DAB-A1 European Version Large Screen DAB & FM Alarm Clock Radio with Dual USB Interface

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1. 5 inch high perspective screen with 1 inch nice white digit display, time is easy to see across the room. Perfect for the elderly or the sight-restricted person.
2. With easy press DIMMER button, you can adjust the brightness of the display to high or low.
3. DAB & FM radio reception: Easy tuning in DAB & FM radio with high quality reception. listen the crystal clear digital radio sound.1-5 number preset button,easy to store and select your favorite stations
4. Plug in clock with dual USB ports for charging: Use any smart-phone charger to power the clock. 3 x AA battery(not included) needed for storage the settings in case of power interrupt. High speed Dual USB ports for quick charging your cellphone, tablet or other smart device.
5. Programmable sleep timer: Fall asleep to the radio using the programmable sleep timer. The sleep timer duration is 10-90 minutes optional.
6. Dual alarm timer setting: Two separate alarm buttons can be used to set two different alarms
7. Wake up sound optional and snooze: Wake up to buzzer or FM radio or DAB radio by preset.
8. Specifications:
DAB/DAB+ radio receive
FM radio receive
5V 2A DC-in
AA x 3 backup battery(not included)
Big size LED clock display
Brightness 3 level adjustable
Two alarm clock setting
sleep time setting
alarm clock setting
12/24H format
5 preset FM & DAB stations store
1-5 number fast select preset stations
Pigtail antenna
Two USB port charge to phone
135 x 65 x 55mm


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