Desk Table Digital Backlight LED Alarm Clock with Time & Date & Temperature & Humidity Display


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1. Brand new and high quality.
2. Large LCD Digital Backlight Display, easy to read numbers and power saving
3. Time & Date & Temperature Display Functions:
- Clock: hour, minute, There are a 12 hours system and a 24-hour system, which can switch between 12 hours and the 24 hours.
4. 3 sets alarm program with gradual BEEP sound.
5. 3 modes brightness automatically changing (low, medium, high).
6. Nice red LED large number display.
7. Three kinds of screen brightness, which can charge automatically in four periods of time: (12-hour) PM 11:00~AM 5:59 low brightness; AM 6:00~AM 6:59 medium brightness; AM 7:00~PM 5:59 high brightness; PM 6:00~10:59 medium brightness, and cycle everyday.
8. Thermometer: Temperature displays unit degree Celsius / degree Fahrenheit which can switched. Temperature range: -10 - 50 degrees Celsius.
9. Humidity range: 10%-95%.
10. Power supply: DC 5V adapter.
11. Backup: 3 x AAA batteries (not included).
12. Can be placed in the car, office, home.

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