Detachable Watchband Tool Watch Bracelet Regulator Universal Watch Repair Tool Set

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1. Made of stainless steel and layered
2. The pin is durable and wear-resistant, and has 1 spare pin
3. Strap card slot is used to fix the strap for easy operation
4. Telescopic screw button. Place the strap in the slot position, find the correct direction, then rotate the button to push it out
5. Size: about 6.4x1.4x1.3 cm, adjustable width up to 3.1cm

Instructions for use:
1. Open the steel belt and place it on the movable belt groove of the separator
2. Gently push the groove into the correct position
3. The top pin of the rotary handle is aligned with the pin on the steel strip
4. Turn the handle directly by hand

The set includes:
Watch remover x 1
Spare needle x 3

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