Diamond Car Dual USB Charge Mobile Phone Safety Hammer Charger(red red )

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product description:
1. Size: length 65mm, width 25mm
2. Material: aluminum alloy + rhinestone
3. Scope: ios system, Android system
4. Input: DV12-24V
5. Output: DC5V-2.1A
6. Weight: with packaging 45g
7. Instructions for use: Insert the car charger into the cigarette lighter socket and plug it into the USB charging cable or data cable. If the USB port is replaced, please unplug the car and plug it out before plugging in the cigarette lighter socket. Otherwise, it may appear. No power is on. Buyers can make a description in the product details.
8. Tips: The voltage of trucks, excavators and big trucks is actually more than 24V, so these models are not applicable! ! !

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