Diamonds Humidifier Desktop Car Night Light USB Sprayer Automatic Alcohol Sprayer, Capacity: 260mL, Normal Version(Pink)

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1. Moist the environment and enjoy healthy air.
2. Fine spray, not wet the table.
3. 260ML water tank capacity, add water once, lasting moisturizing.
4. Soothe skin and dry skin when using air conditioner to keep your skin alive.
5. No noise, no disturbing your sleep.
6. Ambient LED lights give you a warm and comfortable feeling of tranquility.

Product No.: XZ-001
Material: ABS+PP+silicone+electronic components
Product Size: 110x110x90mm
Product Packing: 110x110x93mm
Single net weight / gross weight: regular section 218/295g battery section 253/330g

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