Digital 12V Car Battery Tester CCA Mode AnalyzerAutomobile Vehicle Battery Diagnostic Tool

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1. Tester Color: Black + Red
2. Material: ABS
3. Display: LCD Screen
4. Application Range: 12V Storage Battery
5. Voltage Accuracy: ±0.03V
7. Resistance Accuracy: ±0.3mΩ
8. Low Battery Indication: 12.4V±0.1V
9. Voltage Range: 7~15V
10. CCA(Cold Cranking Amps) Value Range: 0~1995
11. (Battery Capacity) Value Range: 0~199.5
12. Battery Life Percentage: 0~100%
13. Cord Length: 830mm
14. Working Temperature: 0℃~50℃
15. Storage Temperature: -20℃~60℃
16. Item Size: Approx. 75 x 110 x 26mm
17. Item Weight: Approx. 261g

1. Analysis 5 accurate battery indexes of voltage, resistance, (battery capacity), CCA value and battery status
2. Continuous test with battery power without damaging the battery for safe operation
3. Large LCD display with bright backlight to show the results clearly when testing 12V battery
4. Come with a pair of heavy duty battery clamps, convenient to test car, motorcycle, vehicle, boat battery condition
5. Built-in beep remind function, makes it more reliable when test and analyze finish
6. Wide CCA test range(0~1995) , offers more flexibility to battery choice

Package List:
1 * Digital Battery Tester Analyzer

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