DQ-111 Dual Nozzle Air Humidifier USB Charging Large Capacity Household Mute Atomizer(White)

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1. Rated input: DC 5.0V/1.0A
2. Working current: 600-700mA
3. Rated power: 3W
4. Battery capacity: 2000 mAh (battery version)
5. Water tank capacity: 1000ml
6. Spray volume: 80-100ml/h
7. Scheduled shutdown: 6 hours/8 hours (air spray)
8. Product size: 170x170x92mm
9. Color box size: 175x175x96mm
10. Weight (bare host): 270g
11. Power supply: USB charging
12. Product accessories: Humidifier host x1, charging cable x1, Chinese and English manual x1, cotton swab x4
13. Spray function: Turn on the power and wait for the inner absorbent cotton core to fully absorb water, then short press the first time to open the spray; short press again to open the gap spray (spray 10 seconds and stop 3 to 5 seconds); short press again to close the spray
14. Night light function: Long press the switch button to turn on the monochrome night light, long press again to turn off the night light.
15. Timing function: After the spray is turned on, it will be automatically closed at 4 hours, and the gap spray will be turned on, and it will be automatically turned off at 6 hours.

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