Duosi DY506 Super-mini Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Bass Quality Metallic MP3 Player Stereo Multimedia Speaker(Black)

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1.Focus,professional,Be careful about every detail on the space, ability is in so cabinet size, achieve the optimal balance of sound quality and sound cavity, bring purer, full, hongliang timbre.
2.Delicate, more than one side,Stainless steel materials with etching process, the difficulty and cost is higher than several letter, only for the delicate side.
3.Featured super bass give you high fidelity music enjoyment.
4.Big power with small volume,redefine the super bass concept.
5.Dual-frequency deconding,support TF card,plug-and-play

Playing time:4 Hours
Charge Time:2 Hours
Bluetooth Frequency:2.4GHZ-2.48GHZ
Bluetooth Protocols:HS/HF,A2DP,AVRCP,OPP
Product Size:φ48*H38.5mm
Packing size: 80*80*60mm
Gross weight: 252G
Outer box size: 40*32*17.5cm
Packing quantity: 75PCS
Packing weight: 20kg

Packing list:
1 * Speaker
1 * USB charge Cable
1 * Waterproof Case
1 * Metal Hook
1 * User Manual

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