DVI-I 24 + 5 Pin Female to VGA 15 Pin Male Converter Adapter


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1) The DVI-I Female to VGA Male converts a DVI-I cable connector into a VGA connector. This also lets you use a DVI-I with your VGA-only computer. To ensure compatibility, please make sure that any DVI cable connected to this adapter has the 4 additional pins on the side of the DVI connector next to the flat pin, as shown in the left hand side of the DVI picture.

2) Convert your PC's VGA output single onto a DVI enhanced LCD flat panel display today with this DVI-F to VGA-M adapter

3) This adapter converts VGA analog video card to a DVI receptacle.

4) Performance-High Speed Digital Data Transmission delivers the signal faster and stronger

5) Thumbscrews and barrel nuts make installation a breeze

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