E27 4.5W Warm White 24 LED Bluetooth Speaker Light / Energy Saving Lamps(Blue)

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1. Brand: BB Speaker
2. Model: LM01
3. Power: 4.5W
4. Size: 50mm x 126mm
5. Working Voltage: AC110-240V
6. Frequency: 50-60HZ
7. Flux: 260-300LM
8. Viewing Angle: 80-120 degree
9. Chip Brand: prius, wafer
10. Base Type: E27
11. Color temperature: Warm white: 2700-3100k
12. Working lif: 10.000 hours
13. Bluetooth standard: V4.0
14. Bluetooth distance: Less than or equal 15M (Due to environmental factors and the connection to the bluetooth device)
15. Speaker: 50mm
16. Power rating: 3W
17. Frequency Range: 2.4GHz-2.480Hz
18. Resistance: 4ohm
19. Bluetooth: A2DPV1.2/AVCRPV1.0/DIV1.3
20. Material: Aluminum + Rare earth optical material
21. Noise ratio: Equal or above 75dB
22. Distortion: Less than or equal 0.1%
23. Temperature: (-40 degree C)-(+80 degree C)
24. Compatibility: With bluetooth function support smartphone, Tablets, Computers, iOS and Android phones
25. Application places: ASHome, shopping mall, office, et

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