ESCAM POE 4+2 6-Port Fast Ethernet Switch 4-Port POE 10/100M 120W Network Switch, Transmission Distance: 150m(Black)

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About The Product
Intelligent ethernet switch fills in that blank between unmanaged switch and full Managed switch. Intelligent ethernet switch is designed for growing business network who needs to control their network effectively and don't want to cost more on full layer 2/3 complicated function. The ethernet switch which is also built in PoE module provides an affordable solution of power and data over cat. 5 cable. It complied to IEEE802. 3af, provide WEB management function of priority and SNMP to achieve the idea deployment of wilress AP, VoIP and IP based camera. Two Gigabit TP/SFP combo port can complete the fast connection with server or Gigabit backplane.4 10/100Mbps RJ45 port,and 2 10/100/ TP/SFP Combo port make growing business profits from outstanding perfermance and network extended function. The high perfermance, line-speed structure Ethernet Switch have Max 8. 8Gbps switch capacity. All the 4 RJ45 Port
support auto- negotiation and Auto-Uplink technology for ensuring the correct network connection.

1. Complied to IEEE802. 3af/at, 10Based-T, 1 00Based-T
2. Web management function based on Web.
3. Provide PoE management, VLAN, Link Aggregation,
4. Ethernet Port Rate: 4 self-adaptive 10/100Mbps and 2 self-adaptive 10/100Mbps.
5. Support I EEE802. 3af PoE (15. 4Watts) or IEEE802. 3at(30Watts)
6. PIN assignment: End-span(1 /2+, 3/6-), Mid-span (4/5+, 7/8-)
7. Working mode: asynchronization, point to point, full/half duplex self-negotiation.
8. Ethernet Port Transmission Range: 150meters
9. Two SFP GBIC Slot used for Fiber connection.
10. Cable: UTP 5E, Interface: RJ45
11. 19' standard cabinet, industrial high reliability.

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