Eternal Flower Aromatherapy Colorful LED Night Light USB Charging Atmosphere Light(Pink Rose)


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1. Material: ABS+PP+PET
2. Product size: 65 x 65 x 120 mm
3. Weight: 280g
4. Input voltage: DC 5V
5. Battery capacity: 800mAh
6. Power consumption: 1W
7. Drip cotton sheet: fiber
8. Lighting time: 5 hours
9. The source uses natural physical fan inlet and outlet to diffuse the principle of aromatherapy, while retaining the active ingredients of aromatherapy essential oil, the aroma diffuses efficiently and evenly (not contain essential oil)
10. Applicable small range of aromatherapy
11. Smart atmosphere night light, warm warm light mode and colorful gradient mode, adjust the light at will to create a comfortable atmosphere
12. Packing list: aromatherapy lamp x 1, cotton sheet x 5, data cable x 1, Chinese and English manual x 1

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