EWA A105 High Hidelity Bluetooth Speaker, Small Size High Power Bass, TWS Bluetooth Technology Support TF(Rose Gold)

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1. The characteristic super bass gives you high fidelity music enjoyment
2. TWS Bluetooth interconnection technology
3. Share joy and happiness with us
4. Continuous 8 hours of music playback
5. The non-slip mat design makes the bass more prominent
6. High power and small size, redefine the concept of bass
7. Dual frequency decontamination, support TF card, AUX

1. Bluetooth version: 5.0
2. Output power: 8W
3. Impedance: 4.0 ohm
4. Speaker size: 45 mm
5. Battery capacity: 800mAh
6. Noise cancellation SN: greater than or equal to 85dB
7. Play time: 4-8 hours (the actual time depends on the volume)
8. Charging time: 2 hours
9. Product size: 6 x 6 x 4 cm
10. Product net weight: 168 grams
11. Support Micro SD card capacity: 32GB

Packing list:
Speaker x 1
USB charging cable x 1
Carrying bag x 1
User manual x 1

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