F1 Large Capacity 260ml Water Cup USB Humidifier Automatic Alcohol Sprayer(White)

ElektroniktradeArtikelnummer-Lagerplatz | HC9945W

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Product parameters
Material: ABS / silicone
Working voltage: DC5V
Working current: 400mA
Power consumption: 2W
Water bottle capacity: 260ml
Spray amount: 40mL/H
Use time: 5 hours in a row, 10 hours in batch
Product weight: 187g
Product size: 75X62.9X160mm

1. Silicone sealing ring design, working for ten hours, delicate spray, quiet work.
2. Two-stage atomization to make the surrounding air more healthy and smooth, so that your skin will continue to moisturize.
3. Say goodbye to the smell inside the car and purify the air inside the car.
4. In the face of computer oil acne, office humidification, work can also stay away from dryness.
5. Choose from a variety of colors to make your life better.

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