Fashionable Magic Lamp Mini Bluetooth v2.0 Speaker, Support TF Card / FM Radio(Black)

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About the product
1. Light glitters when music playing, offering you a cozy atmosphere
2. Built-in crystal clear quality Microphone, enjoy hands-free call
3. Support Micro SD / TF card, can play MP3 format files in the TF card
4. Long talk time and standby time with low power consumption
5. Easy-to-use controls for music playback and answering phone calls
6. With FM function
7. Stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc.
8. Charging port for convenient recharging with built-in rechargeable battery

1. Long press of the power button until blue LED indicator light flashing quickly, then you can pair the headphone with your cellphone
2. Short press the volume "+/-" button to last/next track function
3. Long press the volume "+/-" button to adjust volume

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