For Apple Watch Series 6 & SE & 5 & 4 44mm / 3 & 2 & 1 42mm Solid Color Elastic Silicone Replacement Wrist Strap Watchband, Size:L 156mm(Grey)


CHF 8.19
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1. Material: environmentally friendly silicone
2. It is easy to replace and will not cause damage to the watch
3. Delicate and soft texture, comfortable to wear
4. Solid color wristband, stylish and beautiful, bring you an excellent visual experience
5. Width: 22mm, length: S (130mm, stretched length 150mm), M (14.3mm, stretched length 180mm), L (156mm, stretched length 200mm)
6. Note: The product only has a strap, not including the main body of the watch

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