Fruit Mini Water Injection Hot Water Bottle PVC Hand Warmer Bag, Capacity:1000ml(Purple)


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Type:Water Injection Hot Water Bottle
Material:Plush, PVC
1. Process: Hot stamping
2. Dimensions: 113 x 171 mm for 250 ml, 165 x 265 mm for 1000 ml, 196 x 316 mm for 2000 ml
3. Capacity: 250 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml
4. Function: Hot water and hot compress warm up
5. Features: The material is healthy and environmentally friendly, large-caliber irrigation is convenient, deepened threads are not easy to leak, thickened PVC has a long heat preservation time, feels comfortable and soft, and is easy to carry and use
6. Tip: Avoid boiling water when injecting hot water. it is advisable to flush at about 2/3 of the water temperature at about 80 degrees

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