G96 Bluetooth Wireless Multi-function Car Kit MP3 Player FM Player Dual USB Charger with LED Screen, Support Hand-free and TF Card

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1. Wireless version: V4.2 + EDR
2. Sensitivity: -92 dBm
3. Bluetooth Frequency: 2402-2480 MHZ
4. Frequency: 20 HZ-20 KHZ
5. Working voltage: 5V, 2.1A
6. Working current: 45 mA MAX
7. Standby current: 25 mA MAX
8. Effective distance: 5m
9. RF output: 4dBm
10. FM: 87.5 MHZ-108.0 MHZ

1. This device is a MP3 player developed for car-used, which equipped with professional high-performance bluetooth module and MP3 decoder chip.
2. It can play and transmit the music from TF card to car stereo via FM radio signal.
3. It can transmit your mobile phone music to car stereo via bluetooth.
4. It can also be used as a hands-free car kit during driving.
5. Support hands-free calling, built-in microphone, convenience and safety for answer the phone.
6. Noise cancellation by CVC, wind noise suppression, full duplex technology.
7. Support A2DP, play mobile music with high quality once connecting by bluetooth.
8. Auto pairing once turn it on.
9. Support MP3/WMA/FLAC from TF card.
10. Will come with car charger, output 5V-1000mAh, can charge the device in car.
11. With U disk, car charger, TF slot, support FLAC, Car voltage, AUX connector.

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