Glass Liner Household Kettle High Capacity Thermos Cup, Capacity: 1.5L(Yellow)


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1. Material: glass liner, PP shell, silicone ring
2. Process: Vacuum insulation process
3. Capacity: 1500ml
4. Color: white, red, purple, yellow, pink
5. Size: 17x25.5cm
6. Weight: about 530g

1. Technology red bile insulation, 60 hours temperature control
2. One key to open, pouring water effortlessly
3. Healthy selection, use with confidence
One Package Weight 0.55kgs / 1.22lb
Qty per Carton 54lb
Carton Weight 30kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 75cm * 68cm * 90cm / 29.53inch * 26.77inch * 35.43inch
Loading Container 20GP: 58 cartons * 54 pcs = 3132 pcs
40HQ: 134 cartons * 54 pcs = 7236 pcs

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