HAMTOD M20 10W Air Outlet 360 Degree Rotation QI Intelligent Sensor Car Wireless Charging Holder(Silver)


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1. The air outlet is placed for wireless charging, and the car wireless charging can be rotated 360 degrees according to personal habits.
2. Car wireless charger, navigation and charging are not delayed.
3. The phone can be charged by charging it at a distance of 2mm.
4. High-power fast charging.
5. The base is stable and not easy to fall off
6. Applicable to mobile phones that support wireless charging standards.

1. Input voltage: DC 5V or 9V.
2. Input current: 1-2V.
3. Working frequency: 100-200Khz.
4. Charging distance: 2-6mm.
5. Charging current: 500-1000mAh (receiving current).
6. Charging voltage: DC 5V (receiver output voltage).
7. Material: ABS.

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