HAMTOD M6 3 in 1 TWS MP3 Sport Bracelet Bluetooth Smart Watch, Support Heart Rate Monitoring / Sleep Monitoring / Sedentary Reminder / Photo Control / Blood Pressure(White)

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Sport Bracelet
1. Major function: Heart rate, blood pressure, pedometer, distance counting, calories, mileage,shade to make phone take photo, sleep monitoring, alarm, anti lost
2. Heart rate chipse: Tianyihexin HRS3300
3. BLE chipset : MCUBE MXD2657B
4. Compatible System: Android, iOS
5. FLASH memory: 1M Byte and 128MB for Music
6. Screen size: 1.4 inch TFT 240x240 Single touch screen
7. Battery: 220 mAh Li Lithunium battery
8. Charging Method: USB magnetic
9. Charging current: 1A
10. Charging time: About one hour
11. Life time (Without charging earbuds): If use bracelet only: Standby 7 days, use 4 days
12. Product language: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic etc.
13. MP3 Playing: Connect and play: Earbuds will automatically connect with smart watch when it goes into music playing option. And earbuds must disconnect with smart phone.
14. Size: 55.9x41x15.5mm
15. Weight: 55g

TWS Earbud
1. Earbud chips: Bluetrum AB5376A
2. BT version: 5.0
3. Incoming calls: Double click to answer phone call( earbud could work independently)
4. Music: Dual earbuds: Stereo, Single earbud: Single channel
5. Average power consumption: 8-10mA (low power consumption)
6. Earbud battery capacity: 25 mAh
7. Charging mode: In the cabinet of smart watch

TWS Earbud Features
1. Power on/off: Long press 3 seconds to power on/off. Taken out from cabinet to power on; Put back to cabinet to power off
2. Double click: Answer or reject phone call
3. Play or pause when playing music
4. 4 consecutive clicking: Enable Siri of connected iOS or Android AI
5. If the earbuds connected with device already: Taken out auto connect with device, put back auto power off

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