HAMTOD V19 1.14 inch IPS Screen Smart Bracelet, Support Blood Oxygen / Call Reminder / Heart Rate Monitoring / Blood Pressure Monitoring / Sleep Monitoring(Red)

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1. 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring (monitor heart rate continuously for 24 hours, analyze heart rate changes, and timely remind when abnormalities are found)
2. ECG ECG measurement function
3. Blood oxygen measurement
4. HRV monitoring and analysis
5. Exercise monitoring and fitness Suggestions (counting steps, calories, miles)
6. Accurate sleep monitoring
7. Exercise blood pressure measurement
8. Exercise mode (enter the exercise mode, press for 3 seconds to activate and start exercise, and monitor the real-time heart rate, number of steps, calorie consumption and mileage from the beginning to the end)
9. Alarm reminder function (wake up without noise, 20 sets of event reminder ICONS).
10. Call, SMS and information reminder function (including WeChat, qq, facebook, whatAPP, line, email and other social software reminders)
11. Take photos by remote control (take photos by turning the wrist and touching the button of the bracelet)
12. Countdown, stopwatch function
13. Function switch (common active function switch, such as heart rate, blood pressure, etc.)
14. Call reminder, mute, reject
15. RTC (12/24 hours)
16. OTA upgrade
17. WeChat sports
18. Screen brightness time adjustment and screen brightness adjustment
1. Main chip: Nordic nRF52832 input: 5v-100ma
2. Control mode: touch and raise the hand to display the screen type: TFT
3. Screen size: 1.14 IPS color screen 135*240
4. Memory: 64KB RAM+512KB ROM plug-in 64M flash battery type: polymer lithium battery
5. Battery capacity: 130mAh battery life: 4 days
6. Charging mode: USB direct charging time: about 1~2 hours watchband material: TPU
7. Main shell material: ABS+PMMA waterproof and dustproof: IP68
8. Data connection: low-power bluetooth 4.0 synchronous data storage: local and cloud servers
9. Vibration: real-time vibration reminder (non-bluetooth connection status)
10. Compatible system: Android 4.4 or above; IOS 9.0 and above
11. APP languages: Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Vietnamese, Portuguese supports 12 languages WOFIT APP languages: Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, supports 11 languages.

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