HDMI Audio Return Channel & DAC Audio Converter

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This HDMI audio return & DAC audio converter can return the sound of a TV that supports ARC function to the optical fiber, coaxial, 3.5mm headphone jack of the adapter through the HDMI / ARC interface, and supports optical or coaxial digital audio signal conversion It is a stereo analog signal and can be output at the same time, which solves the problem that a TV without an audio output interface cannot be connected to the audio system. This product is very suitable for home theater, teaching, training structure, conference room, home appliance store and other places.

1. Support HDMI ARC, optical fiber, coaxial input switching function
2. Support optical, coaxial, RCA stereo, 3.5mm stereo headphone audio output at the same time
3 3.5mm stereo headphone port equipped with high-performance audio amplifier
4.Support transmission of 192KHz audio sampling rate
5.Optical fiber coaxial interface supports 5.1 channel transmission(Signal pass-through)
6. ARC and 3.5mm headphone output volume can be controlled by TV (CEC)


Material;Aluminum Alloy
Power Supply Interface:Micro USB
Maximum operating current;100MA
Working environment temperature:-10~+55℃
Storage temperature:-20~+60℃
Operating Humidity:10~90%RH(non-condensing)
Storage humidity:5~95%RH (non-condensing)

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