High Quality RJ45 Shielded Plug Cat5 8P8C Lan Connector Network (100 pcs in one packaging , the price is for 100 pcs)(Silver)


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This high quality and low cost RJ45 Connector is used for Cat5 cable. Makes a solid network connection. If you make your own patch cable, or just need to fix a cable end, this connector will provide what you need.

* Description:

1) This is a RJ45 Connector application for Cat5 cable.

2) Clear plastic housing with gold-plated contacts for fast and accurate data transmission

3) The RJ45 Plug with easy-to-grasp retention clip.

* Specification:

1) Plug Type: RJ45 8P8C (8 Positions, 8 Contacts)

2) Contacts: Gold-Plated

3) Cable Compatibility: Cat5

4) Designed For: Voice/Data applications

5) Housing: Polycarbonate and metal

6) Size of the RJ45 Plug (max.): 22.44(L) x 11.65(W) x 8.23(H)mm

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