[HK Warehouse] Blackview X2 1.3 inch TFT Screen 2.5D Curved Glass Smart Watch with TPU Strap, 5ATM Waterproof, Support Heart Rate Monitor / Sleep Monitor / 9 Sport Modes(Silver + Orange)

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Appearance parameters
1. Appearance size: 50x45x11.8 mm
2. Surface treatment process: face shell zinc alloy PVD + plastic bottom shell + TPU strap
3. Packing size color box: 95x95x48mm
4. Net weight of machine: 40g (single machine without strap)
5. CPU: NRF52832
6. Memory: 512KB FLASH + 64KB RAM, external expansion 64Mb FLASH
7. Display: 1.3 Inch TFT HD LCD
8. Resolution: 240x240 pixel: 260,000 colors, connection method: BTB
9. Touch screen: 2.5D curved glass, capacitive touch screen, anti-sweat treatment of electroplated AF film
10. Bluetooth: Ver 4.0 5.0
11. Language: Multi-language support: English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Japanese and Russian
12. Camera: Not supported
13. Battery: 260mAh large capacity polymer high capacity high voltage battery
14. Acceleration sensor: support
15. Speaker: not supported
16. Mike: Not supported
17. Motor: Support
18. Button: side key of switch
19. Interface: magnetic charging

Function parameter
1. Reminder function: incoming call vibration reminder, sedentary reminder, abnormal heart rate reminder, Bluetooth disconnect reminder
2. Clock display: 4 sets of dials, free to switch
3. Pedometer: sports pedometer, calorie consumption calculation, sports mileage record
4. Sleep monitoring: sleep quality monitoring
5. Heart rate: support
6. Sports mode: outdoor running, outdoor walking, indoor running, indoor walking, hiking, climbing, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, rowing machine
7. Other functions: stopwatch; countdown; music control; brightness adjustment; raise your hand and bright screen; APP download QR code
8. Bluetooth push information (IOS\Android): Twitter, Facebook, Linkedlh, whatsApp, Line, lnstagram, snapchat, skype and other timely information; SMS push, call push; time setting synchronization

Product features
1.1.3 inch high-definition full-round color display, 2.5D curved Corning glass, anti-fingerprint treatment of electroplated AF film
2. The strap is made of TPU material, anti-sweat and wear-resistant surface treatment, it is more soft and comfortable to wear; with 4 different style dials
3. 260mAh capacity polymer high capacity high voltage battery, safe and reliable, longer battery life
4. All-day heart rate monitoring: 24-hour high-precision heart rate detection, focus on and understand your health
5. Support 9 sports modes, can accurately track your sports data to meet your different needs

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