Home Office Air Conditioning Room Yuzu USB Humidifier(Sky Blue)

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1. Weight: 500 g
2. Material: ABS
3. Dimensions: 11.8 x 11.8 x 10.8 cm
4. Applicable area: Less than 10 square meters
5. Water tank capacity: Below 1 liter
6. Power supply method: USB charging
7. Noise: below 36 dB
8. Rated voltage: 5V
9. Rated power: 2W

1. The product is suitable for vehicle, home, office and other places.
2. Help to solve the problem of air drying.
3. The product has the functions of atomizing air, moisturizing the room, and moisturizing beauty.
4. Car-mounted and portable.
5. Support charging treasure power supply, where to go, where to moisturize.
6. The products are fashionable, beautiful and beautiful. There is also a night light design to make your room more dazzling.
7. LOGO, QR code can be customized, 100 sets are required (customized LOGO, except for quality problems, refused to return)

Matters needing attention:
1. The voltage of this product is DC-5V, please make sure that the working power supply is 5V DC power supply.
2. Please keep the water tank clean for a long time without using this product, dry the water stick and unplug the power supply.
3. It is recommended to use pure water. Clean the water storage box once a month.
4. If there is abnormal noise or the water mist becomes obviously smaller, please refill the water tank after shutting down.
5. Do not turn the product upside down when working with water bottles.
6. USB power supply 5V, various mobile phone charging head, charging treasure, computer, car charger can be used.
12. Applicable to: business gifts, advertising promotions, corporate promotions, promotional gifts, conference gifts, opening celebrations, home appliance promotions, bank activities, automobile 4S stores, hotel openings, event events, etc.

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