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1. Weight: 503.4g
2. Dimensions: 129×145×250 mm
3. Style: Modern and simple
4. Specifications: Input voltage 5V/2A, fan power 8W, lighting power 1W, LED color temperature 3000K, humidification power 1.5W, water tank capacity 300ml, USB power supply
5. Features: Unique shape, beautiful and practical, light and portable, humidifying and moisturizing cooling, with atmosphere night light, can be used with aromatherapy, the humidifier is easy to use through the magnet adsorption, adjustable three-speed wind, add alcohol to disinfect and sterilize, durable, Various uses
6. Note: It needs to be connected to a power supply of more than 1A, and it is not supported to be directly plugged into a computer notebook to avoid affecting the use effect

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