Hourglass Style Colorful Light Air Humidifier USB Car Home Automatic Alcohol Disinfection Spray Air Purifier(Green)

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1. Material: ABS+PP+electronic components
2. Product size: Diameter 81x81x160mm
3. Water tank capacity: 300mL
4. Single net weight/gross weight: 145/150g
5. Voltage input: DC5V
6. Working current: 400mA
7. Power consumption: 2W
8. Use time: 4-8H
9. When using this product, open the upper cover counterclockwise and inject about 300ml of water into the bottom container. The water level line should not be too full or too low. Then insert the USB charging port and connect the power supply to the interface. The power supply can use a general charger. USB power output port such as computer USB interface or charging treasure. After turning on the power, short press once to turn on the direct spray function, and short press twice to turn on the interval spray function (spray for 3 seconds and stop for 3 seconds) and long press the spray button to turn on the breathing light.
10. Packing list: Product X1, data cable X1, manual X1

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