Household Mute Indoor USB Plug-in Mosquito Repellent Lamp(Green)

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1. Dimensions: 7.7x7.6x13.8mm Weight: 225g
2. Power input: 5V
3. Power: 5W
4. Mosquito repellent range: 3m
5. Optimum imported solvent from France, green plant formula is mild and effective
6. Solution replacement is not difficult, 10 hours per day, can be used for 40 days
7. USB power supply can be used flexibly, wherever one line goes
8. Portable storage, does not occupy space, travel without stress when traveling
9. 3 seconds fast heating, mosquito repellent is within reach
10. Timed shutdown without power consumption, ten hours with one key to avoid waste of medicine
11. Equipped with night light function, simply tap to adjust

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