HSC YC-33 Car Cup Charger 3.1A Dual USB Ports Car 12V-24V Double Switch Charger with 2-Socket Cigarette and Voltage Monitoring(Black)

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1. Double hole double switch, independent switch control double hole.
2. With voltage monitoring, monitoring the car's health.
3. 3.1A dual USB, tablet phone can charge at the same time.
4. Cup-frame appearance, powerful, can be directly on the product drink cup holder, beautiful, well placed.
5. Product compatible: phone, iPad, GPS, PSP, Camera.
6. With voltage monitoring car charger.
7. Line length: 55cm.
8. USB output: DC 5V.
9. USB current: 3.1A.
10. 2 hole output power: 80W.
11. Input: DC 12V-24V.
12. Output: DC5.0V--3.1A.
13. Double-hole output, the original car can be expanded to 2 cigarette holes.

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