Original Huawei CP39S Super Fast Charge Infrared Smart Sensor Car Wireless Charger (MAX 27W)(Black)


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1. 27W high power, support wireless super fast charge.
2. Built-in infrared sensor, the mobile phone is close to the arm, the arm is automatically opened and closed, the opening and closing width can reach 85mm, the strong clamping force, the mobile phone is not easy to fall off, and it can easily cope with various bumps.
3. Touch the left sensor button to unlock easily. The phone can also be manually removed when the flame is off. The operation is convenient and easy to retract.
4. The panel is made of high-breathing cationic fabric, which can dissipate heat for mobile phones.
5. Built-in high-speed fan, can be intelligently adjusted with the power level. The specially designed concealed air duct mouth, while cooling the bracket and the mobile phone, reduces the charging power drop caused by the overheat protection of the mobile phone, and greatly reduces the charging time.
6. The phone can also be charged while wearing the protective case.
7. Smart compatible with a variety of models.
8. The air outlet fixing clip and the flat sticking base are freely selected.

Product parameters:
1. Input interface: car charging source line DC interface & Type-C interface
2. Output power: 27W (maximum)
3. Working temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius.
4. Storage temperature: -20-70 degrees Celsius.
5. Material: high permeability cationic fabric.
6. Size: 117x73x40.7mm.
7. Weight: about 180g.

Packing list:
Huawei Super Fast Charge Wireless Car Charger x 1
Flat paste base x 1
Car charging power cable x 1
Manual (including warranty card) x 1

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