Huawei Mediapad M5 lite JDN2-W09 WiFi, 8 inch, 4GB+64GB, AI Voice-Control & Face Identification, Android 9.0 Hisilicon Kirin 710 Octa Core, Support Bluetooth & G-sensor & GPS, Not Support Google Play(Gold)


CHF 453.11
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1. Hisilicon Kirin 710 Octa Core ARM CPU, high performance, run fast and fluently.
2. 8 inch IPS, 1920*1200 FHD, 283 PPI capacitive screen, ten-point touch.
3. Android 9.0 operating system, EMUI 9.0 user interface.
4. Power by 5100mAh high capacity, long time for using, support 5V 2A fast charge.
5. Support WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2.
6. Support G-sensor , GPS and external TF card up to 512GB (not included).
7. Support face identification and AI voice-control , user-friendly.
8. 13.0 MP rear camera with auto-focus + 8.0 MP front camera.

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