Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro CMR-AL19, 10.8 inch, 4GB+64GB, Face Identification & Fingerprint Navigation, Android 8.0, Hisilicon Kirin 960 Octa Core + Micro Nuclei i6, 4 x A73 2.4GHz + 4 x A53 1.8GHz, OTG, GPS, Network: 4G(Grey)


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1. Hisilicon Kirin 960 Octa Core + Micro Nuclei i6, 4 x A73 2.4GHz + 4 x A53 1.8GHz CPU, high performance, run fast and fluently.
2. Mali G71 MP8 GPU, good for playing games.
3. 10.8 inch IPS 2560*1600 pixel 16:10 rate 280PPI Aluminosilicate glass IPS capacitive screen, ten-point touch.
4. Android 8.0 operating system, EMUI 8.0 UI.
5. Power by 7500mAh high capacity, long time for using, support 9V 2A fast charge.
7. Exquisite appearance design, front 2.5D arc glass, rounded and comfortable, ultra-thin vision, 2K high-definition display.
8. Stereo speakers, Harman Kardon professional tuning, Huawei Histen stereo sound, support Hi-Res HD sound quality, bring shocking viewing experience.
9. Support PC mode and convenient mobile office, multi-tasking, work with the keyboard / mouse to complete efficient input / operation;
10. Support for stylus, efficient completion of handwritten text input, drawing, notes and other operations.
11. Security features: Fingerprint, tablet steward, file security.
12. Features: Stylus function, PC mode, fingerprint navigation, student mode, eye protection mode, game mode.

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