HXSJ Q2 Mini Household Notebook Desktop PC Wired Heavy Subwoofer Speaker(Black)

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1. Mini strip speaker, small body and large space: does not occupy the desktop space, small and simple.
2. For desktop computers, notebook computers, smart TVs and projectors, and mobile phones with 3.5mm audio jacks (USB power must be connected externally.)
3. Internal magnetic double speaker, with DPS technology, the volume is louder, built-in independent bass vibrator, and it is a small power amplifier device.
4. When playing: Can distinguish between left and right footsteps. Movie: Restore the original sound. When studying: Can help you hear the course.
5. 1.35 meters of pure copper wire, there is a separate volume adjustment knob on the line, the upper and lower adjustment is more convenient.
6. USB power jack, 3.5 MM audio jack. Plug and play
7. Material: ABS+ aluminum alloy
8. Output voltage: 5V
9. Product size: 31x6.3x6cm
10. Product weight:506g

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