ICina SunMan 2 Bed Cleaning Robot Wireless Portable Ultraviolet Disinfection Mite Removal Instrument Robot

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1. Portable, one-touch operation cordless, possible to kill mites and bed buy everywhere.
2. Pocket-size design, rechargeable do not connect the cable, It is easy to carry by your backpack or luggage, making your travel much healthier.
3. Strong killing mites and bacteria adopting strong UV-C light with 185nm and 253.7nm, sterilization rate >=99.9%.
4. USB charging, more safe Convenient to recharge by power bank, computer, phone charger or USB socket.
5. Smart control, over 18 sensors Smart edge sensor: Do not drop off the bed or table. Smart scan: Easily work under blanket or sheet.
6. Wide application Bed, cellphone, sink, door; handle, toilet, clothes, carpet, etc.

1. Volts: 5V
2. Charging mode: USB cable
3. Power: 3W
4. Battery Capacity: 4800mAH
5. Charging Time: 1.5h
6. Working Time: >120minute
7. Net weight: 350g

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