Impact Punch Down Tool 110 / 88 Seating Wire Fix Cut P (HT-324B)


CHF 10.10
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1) For seating wire into terminal block or cut off wire end after terminatted

2) The Impact Punch Down Tool's frame is divide into main body with impact mechanism inside and a turnable body

3) With adjustable impact pressure control. Turn the turnable part in clockwise direction to H indicated pressured H = 15 ?2kgs for inserting larger wire into terminal block, or L indicated pressure L=10 ?2kgs for standard wire. The turnable part is irreversible

4) The storage on the top of the 110/88 Punch Down Tool is for storing one piece of spare blade

5) All blades are interchangeable and reversible. Blade are easy to exchange

6) This Punch Down Tool use on 110/88 type

7) Durable Punch Tool, makes network installation all that easy

8) A valued necessity for network specialists

9) Size: 18 x 3 x 3cm

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