Induction Automatic Car Air Vent Phone Holder Qi Standard Wireless Charger for 4-6.5 inch Smartphones(Black)


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1. Induction automatic car phone holder wireless charging
2. Inductive clamping, integrating distance sensing into the bracket, three-dimensional wrapping, induction automatic opening and closing
3. When the mobile phone is close to the bracket, the bracket will automatically open, no need to install with both hands, and the more convenient operation experience will bring more convenient use.
4. Foot 10W wireless fast charging, mobile phone put on the bracket, you can wirelessly charge, get rid of the cable binding, the bracket can be rotated 360 degrees, horizontally placed vertically
5. The top design touch switch, when you want to remove the phone, you can open it automatically with a single touch
6. Compact design, stable center of gravity
7. Optimized fireproof PC, no magnetic field interference, mobile phone signal is full at any time, and the Internet and telephone are unimpeded.
8. Retain the data cable jack at the bottom opening, which does not affect the use of wired charging. The detailed design makes the experience more optimized.
9. Universal air outlet design, the installation location does not block the visible range, effectively curbing safety hazards
10. Suitable for most models: compatible with 4-6.5 inches, thickness (including mobile phone case) less than or equal to 11mm smartphone
11. Expanded size: 12cm high and 10.4cm wide
12. Collapse size: 10.5cm high and 7.7cm wide
13. Product material: environmentally friendly plastic + tough foam cotton + stainless steel nails

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