Inhalation Mosquito Repellent Lamp Home Silent Radiation-free Mosquito Lamp(Black)

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1. Under the pure white appearance, it is a new upgraded powerful mosquito core, four protection technologies to give you a safer environment.
2. Removable bold plastic mosquito box for easy cleaning and safety
3. Portable power supply, mobile phone charger, notebook, desktop computer, USB port, convenient and fast
4. Suitable for living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, yoga center, hospital, car, etc.
5. It does not contain toxic chemical pesticides, it is safe and does not cause any harm to your health.
6. The built-in DC fan is ideal for inhaling mosquitoes while whispering quietly and without affecting your sleep.
7. Features: silent design, no chemical additives, no high voltage power grid, 2.5W low power, low power consumption, PP environmental plastic, LED light source technology
8. Product size: 150x160 mm

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