JOYROOM JR-CY269 Milk Box Shape Silent Humidifier Automatic Alcohol Sprayer, Water Tank Capacity: 260mL(Pink)

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1. Portable and compact.
2. Direct injection/intermittent dual mode operation, one-button operation.
3. Work at no more than 30 decibels.
4. Ultrasonic fine atomization to reduce discomfort caused by drying.
5. It is easier to add water to the large sink.
6. Micro USB interface power supply, plug and play.
7. ABS material, environmental protection.

1. Water tank capacity: 260mL.
2. Humidification area: 5-8 square meters.
3. Spray amount: 50 mL/h.
4. Working mode: direct injection / simple injection.
5. Working hours: 4/6 hours.
6. Product size: 75x75x115mm.
7. Rated voltage: DC 5V.
8. Rated current: 0.2-0.4A.
9. Rated power: 1.5-2W.
10. Net weight: 144g.

Packing list:
Humidifier x 1
Instruction manual x 1
Charging cable x 1
Cotton swab x 2

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