JOYROOM JR-CY299 Intelligent Insect Mosquito Repellent Liquid Heater (White)

JOYROOMArtikelnummer-Lagerplatz | NFR1200W

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1. The fan rotates to accelerate the diffusion, which can effectively repel mosquitoes in a large range
2. Safe mosquito repellent type, care for the health of the whole family
3. Intelligent 10h timing mode, energy saving and safety
4. All cover leak proof design, simple appearance
5. PTC constant temperature drive heating, intelligent overheat protection
6. USB power supply makes it easier to carry when traveling outdoors
7. LED light is very clear and easy to see
8. No sense mute experience
9. Material: ABS + PC
10. Rated voltage: DC5V
11. Rated current: 1A
12. Rated power: 5W
13. USB interface: Micro
14. Wiring length: 1.0m
15. Specification of mosquito repellent liquid: 45ml (about 30 nights)
16. Product net weight: 222g (excluding mosquito repellent)
17. Product size: 74x125mm (heater)

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