Jtron Premium 12V Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Extension Cord, Fused with Cover, Length: 2m(Black)

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1. 100% brand new and high quality.
2. Lightweight and durable.
3. Apply high quality engineering plastic, high rated current, high temperature. resistance and wear-resisting.
4. Cigarette lighter hole with a lid protection.
5. Simply plug into car cigarette lighter socket.
6. With a 10 amp fuse and a 18 AWG gauge wire specification, you will always have the convenience of power where you need it without the risk of overheating, common with lighter AWG cords.
7. Male to female adapter cable plugs straight into a vehicle's cigarette lighter socket, easily extending your 12 volt power source when traveling.
8. Male plug with power indicator light, an in-line safety fuse, a metal reinforced female socket and heavy-grade wire.
9. 200cm cable car outlet extender for cell phone / tablet chargers and power inverters.
10. Perfect for heated blankets, inflators, lights, coolers, RV & other camping equipment.

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