KIVEE KV-MT09 1.2m Wired In Ear 3.5mm Interface Mega Bass Sport Earphones with Mic (Silver)

KIVEEArtikelnummer-Lagerplatz | IP6D7109S

CHF 8.97
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1. Stylish and artistic appearance, designed for sports
2. 1.2m TPE wire, simple design
3. Mega bass makes you immersive
4. 3.5mm high polished aluminum alloy plug, compatible with mainstream products
5. Comes with high-definition microphone, one-click handsfree
6. Metal filter to prevent foreign objects from clogging the unit and extend the service life of the headset
7. Ergonomic wearing design, comfortable and natural
8. Frequency: 20-20KHz
9. Sensitivity: -40 +/- 5% dB

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