KZ 8 Pin Oxygen-free Copper Silver Plated Upgrade Cable for Most MMCX Interface Earphones(White)

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1. After Apple official MF certification, the Apple 8 Pin interface is fully compatible, plug and play, no window.
2. Single-strand 25-core, four-strand 100-core, the average silver-plated layer thickness is 0.214 micron, the probability of loss of sound signal is greatly reduced, and the sound quality is improved immediately.
3. The sound is delicate, natural, full and round, and full of resolving power. The mid-low frequency details, the sense of line and the clarity, transparency and true sense of the sound field are quite outstanding. Impeccable pure sound.
4. Metal case, superior texture and durable. Built-in original integrated sound decoding chip to ensure the sound output quality.
5. Compatible with most MMCX interface earphones in the market.

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