KZ BA10 Ten Unit Moving Iron Metal In-ear Universal Wired Control Earphone with Microphone (Red)

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1. The high-density aluminum alloy cavity greatly enhances the sound cohesive force, effectively avoids the physical resonance effect, and makes the sound quality more mellow and mellow.
2. Unilateral 5 moving iron, bilateral 10 moving iron. The pure moving iron earphone consisting of 5 professional-grade moving iron units on one side and 10 professional-grade moving iron units on both sides will bring a leaping sound quality improvement. The unilateral consists of 5 moving iron units, which are: 22955x1 low frequency, 29689x1 intermediate frequency, 30095x2 high frequency, and 31005x1 medium and high frequency.
3. The customized 22955 ultra-low frequency moving iron unit is in no way inferior to the dynamic low-frequency elastic texture of the moving coil. The low-frequency dive is deep and full of explosive power. Low distortion, fast transients, rich detail, and wide bandwidth.
4. Professional-grade crossover circuit design fully utilizes the performance advantages of each moving iron unit.
5. 0.75mm gold-plated 2Pin pin, plug-in test life of more than 10,000 times.
6. High-definition condenser microphone, support standard (American standard) interface system mobile phone HD call, short press: answer, press: hang up, long press: reject, short press: pause / play, double press: next Qu, double press: the last song.
7. Durable wire, providing excellent sound quality signal transmission, anti-pull, anti-bending, anti-corrosion.
8. Professional acoustic structure design, three-stage acoustic airflow to make the sound pressure more even and full.
9. User-friendly wire plugging function design allows the headset to add more extended functions.
10. Optional upgrade Bluetooth module (sold separately), seconds to change Bluetooth wireless headset.
11. Optional silver-plated upgrade cable (sold separately) to effectively improve the audio quality of the headphones.
12. Ergonomic and acoustic structural characteristics, the custom-made cavity provides a comfortable and stable wear, long-wearing and painless, madness can not afford.

Product parameters:
1. Sensitivity: 105dB.
2. Impedance: 14 ohms.
3. Frequency response range: 20-40000Hz.
4. Plug type: 3.5mm, pin type: 0.75mm.
5. Cable length: 115-125cm.
6. Product weight: 24-30g.

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