KZ ZS10 Ten Unit Circle Iron In-ear Mega Bass HiFi Earphone with Microphone (Red)

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1. One circle of four irons, bilateral 10 units.
2. 50060+30095 double array combination, responsible for the performance of the middle and high sound. With high-intensity resolving power, layered sound quality and full of human voice, it brings you a pure and unsound listening experience.
3. Independent research and development of dynamic coil unit, responsible for low and medium frequency output. The magnetic gap distance of the bass moving coil unit has been reduced from 0.25mm in the previous generation to 0.15mm, and the 3Kb in the 1KHz band has been improved. The distortion is effectively reduced, the bass texture is enhanced again, and the shocking bass energy is accompanied by the music rhythm.
4. Let the moving coil and the multi-unit moving iron be connected to each other to achieve a reasonable frequency division of the low, medium and high frequency bands.
5. The ten-core unit jointly sounds, the three-frequency separation is analyzed, and the sound level is clear. The middle and low-pitched voices responsible for the dynamic circle are powerful, and the middle and high-pitched sounds responsible for the moving iron are clear and thorough.
6. HD condenser microphone, dual capacitor design, support standard (American standard) interface system mobile phone HD call, short press: answer, press: hang up, long press: reject, short press: pause / play, double press 2 Bottom: The next song, double click: the last song.
7. 0.75mm gold-plated 2Pin pin, plug-in test life of more than 10,000 times.
8. Durable wire, providing excellent sound quality signal transmission, anti-pull, anti-bending, anti-corrosion.
9. User-friendly wire plugging function design allows the headset to add more extended functions. Optional upgrade Bluetooth module, seconds to change Bluetooth wireless headset. Optional silver-plated upgrade cable to enhance the audio quality of the headphones.
10. If you do not play music, you can directly isolate the noise of about 26 decibels. When you enjoy music, you can enjoy the music quietly by simply adjusting it to 15% to 20% of the total volume. Therefore, the sound insulation effect is very good for hearing protection.
11. Ergonomic and acoustic structural features for comfortable and stable wear, long-wearing and painless.

Product parameters:
1. Sensitivity: 104dB.
2. Impedance: 32 ohms.
3. Frequency response range: 7-40000Hz.
4. Plug type: 3.5mm. Pin type: 0.75mm.
5. Cable length: 115-125cm.
6. Product weight: 19-29g.

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