KZ ZST Circle Iron In-ear Mega Bass MP3 Dual Unit Earphone without Microphone (Carbon Fiber Black)

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1. The high-pitched moving iron unit + the mid-bass moving coil unit complements the sounding advantages of the moving iron unit and the moving coil unit, giving the music a richer detail.
2. The performance of the unit is strong, with a four-layer voice coil to bring a stronger driving force, and the low-frequency shock is powerful, making the overall listening feeling more appealing.
3. The treble moving iron unit has the high-pitched performance ability that the moving coil unit cannot match.
4. Professional physical frequency-adjusting sound quality adjustment technology, precise internal acoustic structure design, and subtle circuit optimization, the two pronunciation units can be finely divided, the moving iron is responsible for the interpretation of the middle and high-pitched parts, and the dynamic circle is responsible for the interpretation of the middle and low parts. .
5. Professional wire with lower internal resistance, freely detachable human design, effective transmission of wire signals up to 99.999.
6. Silicone earmuffs, which can fit the human auricle more comfortably than conventional earmuffs, and transmit the sound directly to the eardrum for a good sound quality experience.
7. Headphones change lines, there are more ways to play. With the Bluetooth module, you can turn your headset into a Bluetooth headset and enjoy music and free calls anytime, anywhere. After the silver-plated wire is assembled, the sound quality of the earphone is more transparent, and the high-pitched sound is clearer. By replacing the wire of different materials, the sound quality of the earphone is improved, and the playability and the funness of the earphone are greatly enhanced.
8. Once the traditional earphone is damaged, the entire earphone is scrapped, and the probability of wire damage is lower than that of other components. Plug-in wire headsets can be used after replacing the wires, which is equivalent to extending the life of the headphones.
9. Ergonomic and acoustic structural features for comfortable and stable wear, long-wearing and painless.

Product parameters:
1. Sensitivity: 106dB.
2. Impedance: 10 ohms.
3. Frequency response range: 20-20000Hz.
4. Plug type: 3.5mm, pin type: 0.75mm.
5. Cable length: 115-125cm.
6. Product weight: 14-24g.

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