L8 2.5W Portable USB Mute Mini Humidifier Nebulizer with Colorful LED Atmosphere Light for Office, Home Bedroom, Car, Support USB Output, Capacity: 320ml, DC 5V(Blue)

ElektroniktradeArtikelnummer-Lagerplatz | HC3265L

CHF 21.92
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1. Small and portable, put it with your heart.
2. Moisturize the car while purging the air in the car.
3. Silent and moisturized, no matter the sound.
4. 320ml capacity, 16 hours of permanent humidification.
5. With colorful atmosphere lights, comfortable and quiet, add warm colors to the quiet night.
6. Control with your heart, two files of humidification, one-button operation, free to switch.
7. Intelligent timing power off to prevent dry burning.
8. The body comes with a USB expansion interface.

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