Large Capacity 240ml LED Shelf Humidifier Automatic Alcohol Sprayer(Blue)

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Product parameters
Name: Shelf humidifier
Material: ABS / silica gel / PP / electronic components
Input voltage: DC 5V
Water bottle capacity: 240ml
Current: 350mA
Use time: 5 hours in a row, 10 hours in batch
Product net weight / gross weight: 170g / 230g
Product size: 84x84x134mm
Packing size: 88x86x136mm

1. Shelf design, delicate spray, quiet work.
2. Use it immediately, let the surrounding air be healthier and smoother, and keep your skin hydrated.
3. Say goodbye to the smell inside the car and purify the air inside the car.
4. In the face of computer oil acne, office humidification, work can also stay away from dryness.
5. Choose from a variety of colors and ambient lighting to make your life better.

Packaging accessories
Humidifier x1
Data line x1
Instructions for use x1
Spare cotton swab x1
Certificate x1

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