Large Capacity 320ml LED Automatic Humidifier Sprayer, USB Rechargeable Version(White)

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Product parameters
Name: Le color humidifier
Material: ABS / silica gel / PP
Input voltage: DC 5V
Water bottle capacity: 320ml
Current: 200-400mA
Power consumption: 2w
Product net weight / gross weight: 242g
Product size: 72x72x165mm

1. Music color design, delicate spray, quiet work.
2. Three-step installation to make the surrounding air more healthy and smooth, so that your skin will continue to moisturize.
3. Say goodbye to the smell inside the car and purify the air inside the car.
4. In the face of computer oil acne, office humidification, work can also stay away from dryness.
5. A variety of colors to choose from, colorful atmosphere lighting, can be connected to the USB power supply port, making life more beautiful.

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