LED Digital Clock Living Room Wall Clock Creative WIFI Clock US Plug, Style:4 Bit WIFI, Color:Hollow Red

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1. Weight: 900g for the hollow model and 1350g for the sealed box model
2. Dimensions: hollow section 44×15×1.5 cm, sealed box section 45×16×2 cm, power cord length 3 meters
3. Material: piano paint, galvanized sheet, ABS, PVC
4. Specifications: input voltage 5V-2A constant current and constant voltage
5. Power supply method: USB+ power head (or computer, power bank, laptop)
6. Function: mobile phone remote control, 5 groups of alarms, stopwatch, 999 days countdown, temperature display, calendar, intelligent light adjustment / manual 8-position brightness adjustment, power off memory function will not reset the time
7. Features: beautiful and practical, clear font 50 meters visual distance, energy saving and low consumption, stable brightness without strobe, ruggedness and durability, intuitive operation with mobile phone connected to WIFI, two-way transmission, independent IP, one-to-many control via Internet
8. Suitable places: home, restaurant, office, school, station, library, fitness place, etc

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